Industrial Chemistry  Chimica industriale

General information

Classification of Scholarly Field L-27 Chemistry
Application and Admission Limited enrolment with admission test. How to apply
Course Duration 3 years
Course Attendance Not mandatory
Course Language Italian
Course Location Via Golgi 19 – Milano
Head of Studies Laura Maria Raimondi
Course Website Programme Description

Course Objectives

The degree programme in Industrial Chemistry is designed to provide graduates with the skills, knowledge and learning tools required to carry out professional research, and development and production activities in the field of chemistry, including the following sectors: health, food, cosmetics, the environment, energy, communications, furnishing, and the automotive sector.

The course also aims to offer students the competences required to pursue professional occupations in: industrial activities such as the development of chemical processes; research laboratories; monitoring facilities; the synthesis and characterisation of new materials; the environmental and energy sectors; public bodies in the chemical sectors; and related fields.

The degree programme in Industrial Chemistry prepares students either for immediate entry to the workplace, or to pursue further studies, offering a solid theoretical, experimental and applied grounding in the main sectors of chemistry.   In particular, it equips graduates with:

  • a sufficient grasp of the tools required for an in-depth examination of operational considerations such as the connection between product and process
  • the capacity to evaluate theoretical and practical aspects relating to the transfer of the production of chemical products from laboratories to the industrial scale, in accordance with environmental considerations
  • a good  command of experimental methodologies in the chemical and industrial fields
  • tools to support chemical and industrial chemical knowledge, in relation to other scientific and technical fields
  • the advanced knowledge of the fundamentals of industrial chemistry required to enter professions that require a good command of modern scientific methods and techniques.
This degree programme therefore provides graduates with the competences required to operate in professional specific spheres, to cooperate with associated professions, and to pursue further study through master degree courses.

Career and Employment

Graduates possess the knowledge required to undertake professional occupations such as the design and synthesis of new industrial products for a wide range of uses and their subsequent production within companies, in addition to the testing and control of chemical production facilities, wastewater treatment and environmental clean-up plants, in order to guarantee security.

Industrial chemists can assume positions with chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical chemistry and machinist companies, as well as companies that deal with plastic materials, colorants, detergents, adhesives, and those operating within the environmental field.

In the public sphere, Industrial Chemistry graduates can pursue career opportunities in the technical and ecological offices of local bodies, in customs laboratories, provincial hygiene, prophylaxis and analysis companies, and in occupational accident prevention services.

They can take up positions with public and private research bodies, in analysis, control and quality certification laboratories, and in all industries and workplaces that require basic knowledge of the chemistry and industrial chemistry sectors.

Upon completion of the State Examination, it is then possible for graduates to register with the National Register of Chemists, as Junior Chemists.