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Agricultural Technology for the Environment  Agrotecnologie per l'ambiente e il territorio

General Information

Classification of Scholarly Field L-25 Agriculture and forestry industry
Application and Admission Limited enrolment with admission test. How to apply.
Course Duration 3 years
Course Attendance Not mandatory
Course Language Italian
Course Location via Celoria 2 - Milano
Head of Studies Luca Espen
Course Website

Course Objectives

The degree programme provides interdisciplinary training, equipping graduates to apply agricultural technologies in the management of issues connected with the efficacious, sustainable use of natural resources, the planning and physical management of the land and environment, and the control of undesired environmental effects as a result of agricultural activities.

The course provides graduates with the competences needed to:

  • work in the rural land protection and protected area management and development sectors
  • engage in the environmental development of agricultural services and land redevelopment sectors
  • carry out environmental analysis and monitoring processes using modern land data detection, representation and analysis techniques
  • carry out specific surveys to evaluate the environmental impact of plans and structures and to assess rural land resources, as per European Union guidelines
  • assist in the implementation of town and land planning and farmland development programmes set out in the national and regional regulations currently in force.

Career and Employment

Graduates are equipped with the professional competences required to work in administrations, public bodies and companies, as well as to undertake professional freelance work.

They are qualified to pursue career opportunities in the protection and management of rural land resources, environmental protection, and the analysis and monitoring of farmland systems and processes.

In particular, graduates can work in:    

  • national and regional services for the protection and development of land and the environment (Technical State Services, National and Regional Environmental Agencies, Basin Authorities,  Regional, Provincial and Municipal Inspectorates and Technical Services, Land Reclamation and Irrigation Consortia, Upland Authorities and Mountain Catchment Basin Consortia)
  • professional firms, service companies and laboratories dealing with the protection and development of land and the environment, environmental rehabilitation and monitoring
  • firms responsible for the management and disposal of waste, environmental reclamation, the creation and maintenance of green areas and soil conservation processes
  • professional freelance work.