Agricultural Sciences  Scienze agrarie

General information

Classification of Scholarly Field LM-69 Agriculture
Application and Admission Open with entry requirements examination. How to apply.
Course Duration 2 years
Course Attendance Not mandatory
Course Language Italian
Course Location via Celoria 2 - Milano
Head of Studies Anna Sandrucci
Course Website Programme Description

Course Objectives

The master degree programme in Agricultural Sciences is designed to equip graduates with advanced training in biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics, underpinned by an excellent command of the methodologies of scientific investigation.

On the strength of this training, graduates boast a sound understanding of the responsibilities of modern agriculture which, in addition to its original goal of producing food, now faces two additional duties: that of managing and controlling the land, on the one hand, and that of guaranteeing the safety of its products and the protection of the environment, on the other

Career and Employment

 Graduates from the master’s degree in Agricultural Sciences can assume managerial and organisational positions in the following sectors: 

  • the technical and economic management of agricultural and zootechnical resources
  • the definition and organisation of technical assistance services
  • integrated rural development projects
  • rural land control and protection
  • the design and development of technological production facilities
  • security testing and controls for machinery, installations and facilities
  • the management of energy and integrated energy systems
  • environmental protection and agricultural sustainability projects
  • distribution systems for agricultural products and their rationalisation
  • the marketing of agricultural products.