Thursday, February 23, 2017


The University of Milan

The University of Milan is a public, multidisciplinary teaching and research institution that offers 8 Faculties, 2 Schools, 136 study courses, 31 Doctoral Programmes and 63 Specialisation Schools.

Our 2000 professors represent the highest concentration of scientific expertise in the region and our research is ranked among the best in Italy and Europe.


Erasmus+ competitive announcements 2017-2018

The University of Milan has just published the Erasmus+ competitive announcements related to students mobility for the academic year 2017-18.

Limb Girdle musclular dystrophy: a connection defect in the generation of mitochondria

In a study published in Cell Reports researchers of the University of Milan demonstrate the importance of homeostasis in mitochondrial muscular dystrophy, identifying the possibility of additional treatment options to the classic therapy with corticosteroids.

A single stressful event may cause long-term effects in the brain

Molecular Psychiatry publishes a study by the University of Milan demonstrating that a single stressful event may cause long-term consequences in the brain.

The University of Milano Alumni at 7th LERU chapter in London

Coordinated by Gianluigi Gatta, the University of Milan delegation participated in the alumni gathering at Imperial College London, on October 26th.

Students information Service phone number

Starting from November 1st, it is possible to contact the Students information Service at the University of Milan on the phone exclusively by dialing 199 188 128.

Anthocyanins and cardiovascular risk, the beneficial effect of red fruits

The Journal of Translational Medicine published a study of the University of Milan, that explores the protective role of anthocyanins, commonly found in red fruits, versus cardiovascular diseases.

A Common Genetic Variant Regulates the Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

A new study conducted by the University of Milan and the Weill Cornell Medical College reveals a genetic variant that reduces the neurobiological benefits induced by physical exercise in mice.

Italian language classes for International students

The University of Milan offers Italian language intensive courses dedicated to International students on Erasmus or enrolling at one of our courses (graduated, postgraduated and PhD programmes) with specific programs for Medicine and Healthcare area students.

University of Milan 'La Statale' - one of the Fulbright destinations in Italy

"La Statale" is among the Italian universities selected by the US-Italy Fulbright Commission as home to teaching positions in American Studies, known as Fulbright Lectureships, for the academic years 2017-2020.