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January 2015


ERA and LERU against the cuts proposed by the European Commission

LERU and its partner organisations in the ERA Platform oppose the proposals of the European Commission to divert 2,7 billion euro from the Horizon 2020 budget to the European Fund for Strategic Investments.

The European Union funds the MagicBullet training network

Developing a new chemical-pharmaceutical approach in cancer therapy is the goal of the Marie Sklodowska Curie European training network - of which we are partners - which has received funding of almost 4 million Euro for the 2015-2018 quadrennium.

Universiday: the next talk with Jyrki Katainen

Universiday talks are back: the European Commission vice president, Jyrki Katainen will be at the Università Bocconi together with Mario Monti, Andrea Sironi and Gianna Fregonara, journalist at "Corriere della Sera". January 16th, 3 p.m., aula N04, piazza Sraffa 13.