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Moglynet, three million euro for project coordinated by ‘La Statale’03-07-2015

Horizon 2020 funding for the joint doctoral project MOGLYNET, coordinated by the University of Milan – La Statale, to train young researchers in Drug Discovery and Development.

the project's logoMOGLYNET project “Modulation of glycolytic flux as a new approach for treatment of atherosclerosis and plaque stabilization: a multidisciplinary study” has been granted three million euro of funding in the framework of the Horizon 2020 EJD– MSCA - ITN 2015 programme.

Coordinated by the University of Milan - La Statale, the project principal investigator is Maria Luisa Gelmi, professor of Organic Chemistry at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (DISFARM). The principal actors are the doctorate courses of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Clinical and Experimental Pharmaceutical Science of University of Milan.

The project network also includes the Universities of Aberdeen (Institute of Medical Sciences, School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition), Antwerp (Laboratory of Physiopharmacology), Barcelona (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) and Leiden (Department of Surgery and Einthoven Laboratory for Experimental Vascular Medicine).

The aim of MOGLYNET is to develop a joint doctoral model in which academia and industry join forces to build a common platform of knowledge and experience and a shared language to facilitate graduates’ entry into the occupational market.

The proposed model envisages the training of twelve research doctorates in Drug Discovery and Development. Supported by seven pharmaceutical companies and the European Industrial Pharmacists Group, this high-level training will provide highly qualified specialists for the European pharmaceutical industry.