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Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management 30-06-2015

The University of Milan is among the institutions that collaborates in organizing the International Summer School on Nuclear decommissioning proposed by Nuclear Security Unit (JRC ITU), that will be held in September. Application deadline: 31 August 2015.

Seventh edition for the International Summer School organized by the Nuclear Security Unit (JRC ITU)  in collaboration with Nuclear Decommissioning Unit (JRC-ISM), International Atomic Energy Agency, University of Milan and Italian Radioprotection Association.
The School aims at enhancing awareness of nuclear decommissioning and waste management, through a better understanding of roles and responsibilities of the various involved parties such as operators and regulators.

University levels students and young professionals will have a good opportunity to develop an appreciation of related issues - such safe operation of a decommissioning process as radiation protection – as well as to visit nuclear facilities.

The five days programme covers several topics, from legal framework to waste management.

Candidates must apply within 31 August 2015. No registration fee is required.

Please consult the School website for details and application procedures .