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Photography challenge "Vita da studente: una sostenibile leggerezza"04-09-2015

Send images of your life from #studentisostenibili and participate in the challenge launched by Campus Sostenibile, a joint project of the University of Milan and Politecnico. The best shots will be awarded by Gianni Berengo Gardin. Deadline: October 10th.

girl with photocameraYou have time until October 10 to participate in the photography challenge "Vita da studente: una sostenibile leggerezza" promoted by Campus Sostenibile, a joint project of the University of Milan and Politecnico.

The challenge, open to Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral or Specialist degree and Erasmus students regularly enrolled at the two Universities, is one of the initiatives launched by Campus Sostenibile project to promote activities - outside lecture times - able to "lighten the burden of study and research" of everyday life while at the same time promoting awareness of the issues of sustainability.

Participants are required to send - by October 10 (within 23:59) - maximum three images illustrating their daily life in an original manner and inspired by one or more of the six topics of the Campus Sostenibile project: People, Energy, Food and Health, Environment, Mobility and City.

In each thematic area, you can decide whether to participate in the Classic category, for images taken with any type of camera, or Instagram category. In this latter case, you can also upload these on Instagram from your social account, accompanied by the hashtags #studentisostenibili or #campussos.

A jury, headed by photographer Gianni Berengo Gardin and comprising technical experts of photography and of others forms of art and also lecturers and students of the two Universities, will select the best image for each topic for the Classic category and for the Instagram category, and announce these during the "Sustainability Day" of November 9 to celebrate the 100 years of Città Studi, during which the best photos will be displayed in an exhibition.

How to participate
To send you photos, simply connect to the webpage dedicated to the photography challenge "Vita da studente: una sostenibile leggerezza", register with the credentials of the University and upload the images following the instructions contained in the registration e-mail.

Photos taken with digital cameras and Smartphones from October 1, 2014 are admitted.

The images must be in JPEG format, with a maximum size of 10MB and minimum dimensions of 1500x1500 pixels.
Digital image processing of the images is permitted without, however, heavy post-production editing such as, for example, to distort correspondence with reality.

Consult the regulations for further details of requirements, how to participate and rules regarding copyright.

An event on Facebook has been dedicated to the event to keep tuned to the initiative.

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