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The European Union funds the MagicBullet training network16-01-2015

Developing a new chemical-pharmaceutical approach in cancer therapy is the goal of the Marie Sklodowska Curie European training network - of which we are partners - which has received funding of almost 4 million Euro for the 2015-2018 quadrennium.

Laboratory of ChemistryThere is also an our intervention in the Marie Sklodowska-Curie (MSCA) - ETN MagicBullet European training network, to which the European Union has allocated nearly 4 million Euro to develop - in the 2015-2018 quadrennium - a new chemical-pharmaceutical approach in cancer therapy.

This is a great result for our research, which means that our group led by Cesare Gennari from the Department of Chemistry will be the partner of a European team that involves - in addition to the University of Insubria - also the universities of Bielefeld and Cologne (Germany), Budapest (Hungary), and Helsinki (Finland), together with the German "Heidelberg Pharma" and the Italian "Exiris".

Tumour biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, medicinal and synthetic chemistry, spectroscopy, conformational analysis and computational chemistry are the research areas of MagicBullet, which will also fund a training program for 15 young researchers for the next four years.

The research work will focus in particular on the use of compounds able to selectively recognize the molecular structures present on the tumour cells, resulting in the specific release of the drug in the tumour and limiting, therefore, the toxicity and heavy side effects of chemotherapy.

The peptide-drug conjugates - prepared with simple and well-tested synthetic procedures - are inspired by the concept of the "magic bullet", conceived more than a century ago by Paul Ehrlich, Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1908.


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