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From the ERC a grant of 2 million Euro to Michele Ceotto 25-03-2015

Conceiving new quantum mechanical theories to produce nano-materials useful for the abatement of urban pollution is the goal of SEMICOMPLEX, the project of our Professor of Theoretical chemistry, awarded by the important funding of the European Research Council.

Michele CeottoMichele Ceotto, our Theoretical chemistry researcher , wins an ERC Consolidator Grant 2014 of two million Euro with his SEMICOMPLEX project.

A prestigious award for the University of Milan – among the first Italian Universities to receive ERC Grants - in addition to substantial funding for our research, that will allow the Dr. Ceotto to create a high education centre within the framework of Theoretical chemistry, where new quantum mechanical theories can be conceived and then applied to the realization of nano-materials that can be used for example to abate urban air pollution.

SEMICOMPLEX's primary objective is therefore to conceive new quantum mechanical theories - to develop accurate molecular-level descriptions of experimental spectroscopic results – to be implemented later in computational molecular dynamics programs that reproduce the quantum effects caused by the vibrations of any molecular structure, even the most complex, like that of proteins.

ERC grants are among the most prestigious awards given by the EU to the best projects of researchers from all over the world, to whom - having overcome the initial selection - is requested a veritable "defence" of their research during an interview at the ERC headquarters in Brussels.

And the seminar of March 26 by Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, President of the European Research Council, is dedicated to the ERC calls for proposals, at the Palazzo Schuster, Saa Pio XII, via S. Antonio 5.
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