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Enrolment news02-08-2016

Admissions to all our degree programmes are now open. Find out how to apply through the wizard, accessible from the home page, and learn more about scholarships, exemptions and Italian language courses at the University of Milan.

Admission to all degree programmes of the University of Milan opened on 15 July.

The announcements for application to sit for admission tests can be found on the university website. Admission tests are only required for access to bachelor and single-cycle degree programmes with an enrolment quota. Applications for non selective knowledge assessing tests are also open and these are compulsory for most of our programmes without enrolment quota.

Direct matriculation in the first year is only available for ten degree programmes: History, Humanities, Human Science of Enviroment, Landscape and Territory, Philosophy, Animal Husbandry and Welfare, Animal Production, Science and Technology for Studying and Preserving the Cultural Heritage and Information Storage Media, Geological Sciences, Mathematics and Physics. The enrolment period is 15 July to 17 October 2016. Self-assessment tests, if required, will be held later.

This year, too, the wizard accessible from the banner Study with us in the top left of the home page www.unimi.it/ENG - or from the section Admission - facilitates access to online procedures and guides future students among services, obligations and deadlines.

It also helps students to learn more about scholarships, fee exemptions and Italian language courses and many other opportunities and services available for students.

Students unable to study full time, can choose a part-time enrolment which makes it possible for those with work or family commitments or impediments, health problems, disabilities or a professional artistic or sporting career to spread their courses over a longer period.

Students with disabilities or specific learning disabilities must remember, during the online enrolment procedure, to up-load the certificate indicating their degree of invalidity or handicap issued by the Medical Committee according to Law no. 104/1992.

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