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The University of Milano Alumni at 7th LERU chapter in London29-11-2016

Coordinated by Gianluigi Gatta, the University of Milan delegation participated in the alumni gathering at Imperial College London, on October 26th.

 The University of Milan delegationLERU alumni gathered together for the 7th alumni chapter at Imperial College London, on October 26th.

Among the participants there were also the University of Milan alumni: Alessandra Rocchetti (PhD at Oxford Brookes University in Plant cell biology), Pierangela Sabbattini (Senior research scientist at MRC Clinical Sciences Centre in London), Elena Olgiati (PhD scholar in brain sciences at Imperial College London), Fabio Paddu (Research associate in molecular biology at University of Cambridge), and Angela Andreani (Marie Sklodowska-Curie IE fellow at University of Sussex).

Keynote speaker at 7th LERU chapter in London was David Gann - Imperial College’s vice-president leading innovation and member of the executive board – who talked about the process of innovation that lead us to have a huge amount of available information that is not only shaping how we do innovate but also the next generation of decision-makers.

Gian Luigi Gatta, professor in criminal law at University of Milan, coordinated the delegation of Italian alumni, and anticipated the forthcoming plans of the University of Milan related to its alumni association.