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Excellence scholarships at the University of Milan 13-06-2017

By applying to one of our master degree programmes within June 30th, you will automatically participate in the selection for the assignment of the 150 grants or enrolment fee exemptions destined to the best international students.

student watching a monitorAre you thinking to apply to one of our master degree courses?
You would be pleased to know that if you do it within June 30th you could be entitled to receive one of the 50 scholarships or one of the 100 enrolment fee exemptions destined to the best internazional students among the 10% of the best ones of each study area.

Due to the success of the Excellence Scholarship programme, in the last few years, the University of Milan has decided to confirm the number of both the enrolment fee exemptions and the scholaships (consisting of 6.000 euro each, plus enrolment fee exemptions) available to international students.

The incentive programme does not require any further application beyond the online procedure that candidates to our master degree programmes have to undertake.

A specific committee will then examine candidates’ academic outcomes and draw up a final ranking for the assignement of both scholarships and exemptions.

Winners will be informed by e-mail no later than the beginning of July.