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Be prepared, a warm welcoming embrace to all international students 20-06-2017

The enthusiastic speech delivered at the welcome day 2016 by Xhorxhi Kaçi, one of the international students at the University of Milan, became the inspiring thread for a new institutional video presentation.

The University of Milan’s new video presentation was inspired by a young student attending the International Medical School. This video is not about facts and figures, education offer, data on research outcomes or ranking position, those can be easily found on the University’s website.

The new video is entirely dedicated to students, international and national, and it speaks their language. And this is how the story went.

There was more than one international student delivering testimonials at the Welcome Day 2016, but when Xhorxhi Kaçi addressed the awkward audience of freshman just arrived in Milan from all over the world with his "Welcome to the State University of Milan!'' and "What a foolish foolish mistake you have made!" Trust me”, everyone in the lecture room relaxed and got ready to enjoy the rest of the speech.

Xhorxhi is smart and it was easy to follow him as he talked about his experiences, unfolding his initial doubts and his desires which everyone in the audience could easily identify with.

But it turned out to be more than that.
Xhorxhi’s speech evoked images of young people making choices, moving around the world, shaping new emotional geographies, new identities and culture, so it was easy to catch all this life energy and turn it into images that give an idea of how a university should be if it wants to fit into the mindset of the students and fulfill their expectations.

The new video was first shown at the academic-year opening ceremony, in the presence of Kurt Deketelaere, Secretary-General of the League of European Research Universities, which includes the University of Milan among its 21 members.