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Untitled 2005, Jannis Kounellis at the Statale22-02-2018

The impressive artwork of one of the most important exponents of Arte Povera is on show at the University from 20th February.

Kounellis e Pomodoro_ Foto di Carlo OrsiArnaldo Pomodoro Foundation and the University of Milan are the promoters of the Jannis Kounellis in Statale initiative, one year on from the death of the artist, considered one of the most important representatives of Arte Povera.

From 20th February in the spaces of the educational department of via Festa del Perdono 3, we will be showcasing to the public the impressive piece Untitled (2005) that painter and sculptor Jannis Kounellis created for the first headquarters of the Pomodoro Foundation.

Measuring almost 5 and a half metres, Untitled is a long iron girder which takes up all the space in height from the floor to the ceiling with a large ream of drawing paper that naturally folds towards the ground forming a sort of capital.

The art piece perfectly fits into the architecture of its new home in the University of Milan "La Statale", a space designed by Piero Portaluppi in the early 50s and it joins other important artwork of the 1900s (from Wildt to Fontana), already present in the historic seat of Ca' Granda.

Loaned to the Università Statale by the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation, which has long worked at promoting contemporary art outside usual exhibition spaces, Untitled enters the permanent contemporary art collection thanks to the "La Statale Arte" project which was created to this end over the last few years.

The contemporary art collection of the Statale includes works by Nanda Vigo and Mikhail Ohanjanian - who accepted the interaction between the monumental nature of the architecture of the Ca' Granda and the interpretations of the present by creating site-specific installations for the spacious courtyard of the main building of via Festa del Perdono - which will soon be embellished with another art piece by Paolo Icaro, the star of the most recent edition of "La Statale Arte" with a work in progress called "Un Prato in 4 tempi - A Lawn in Four Tempos".