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Italy and Japan: Relations and Exchanges through the Arts 30-03-2018

International Symposium organized by the Department of Cultural Heritage and Environment of the University of Milan, with the special support of the Ishibashi Foundation in Tokyo. April 5th and 6th, Sala Napoleonica, via S. Antonio 12.

Dipinto giapponeseFinanced by the Ishibashi Foundation, one of the most important Japanese cultural foundations, the symposium proposed by the University of Milan, represents both a first achievement and a conclusive occasion for the debate on relationships and exchanges in art field between Italy and Japan. April 5th and 6th, Sala Napoleonica, via S. Antonio 12.

Japanese and Italian cultural and diplomatic institutions, scholars, artists, museum’s curators and directors and specialists in the art, design, architecture, cultural heritage field, will discuss about encounters and excellence experiences between the two Countries from 16th Century to the present.

The symposium - coordinated by Rossella Menegazzo, associate professor of Archaeology, Art History and Philosophy of East Asia - is also a special circumstance, due to the donation of quite 300 volumes of Japanese Art History made the by Ishibashi Foundation to the University of Milan, and namely to the Library of History of Art, Music and Spectacle of the Department of Cultural Heritage and Environment.

The donation aims to encourage the education of new scholars in the field of Japanese art. It will be announced officially during the opening of the Symposium at the presence of Mr.Taiji Nishijma, Executive Director of the Ishibashi Foundation.

The event highlights the central role of the University of Milan as promoter of arts and cultures of East Asia, and it is held under the patronage of the Embassy of Japan and the Japanese Culture Institute in Rome, the Interdepartmental Research Centre on Contemporary Asia (CARC), and the Department of Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication of the University of Milan.

Starting from the celebrations of the 150th Anniversary of the Relations between Italy and Japan, in 2016, the University of Milan organized, hosted and supported several events among which some important exhibitions held in the most prestigious museums in Italy such as: “Domon Ken.The Master of Japanese Realism” (Ara Pacis in Rome, 2016), "Hokusai Hiroshige Utamaro" (Palazzo Reale in Milan, 2016-17), "Hokusai. The Master’s legacy" (Ara Pacis in Rome, 2017-18), "Kuniyoshi. Visionary of the Floating World" (Museo della Permanente in Milan, 2017-18), and the exhibition now at the Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome (2018) “Hiroshige. Visions of Japan”.

The University of Milan hosted and organized events such as the concert of the Japanese Ensemble Sakura-Komachi (May 2016) and the Tea Ceremony Buke-sado (November 2016), as well as the International Study Day "Un bel dì vedremo": il Giappone ai tempi di Madama Butterfly" managed by the Department of Cultural Heritage at the Teatro alla Scala, on the season opening  (December 2016) with the opera Madama Butterfly, directed by Riccardo Chailly.