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Clinical Research, a new PhD programme at the University of Milan02-08-2018

The new programme is primarily designed for medical specialization students who have a strong vocation for research on the causes and the clinical-therapeutic management of diseases. Deadline for admission: September 3rd.

Entirely taught in English, the new PhD programme offers 10 available places, of which 8 are funded by scholarships, that may be increased should external funding become available before the deadline of the call for submission of applications.

The PhD in Clinical Research gives students the possibility to choose between two different curricula - Stomatology and Specialized medical sciences – and to acquire strong and broad competencies on different research methodologies (randomized trials, longitudinal, cross-sectional or transversal studies and case control studies), clinical issues, biological and genetic markers for studying clinical syndromes, guiding diagnosis and assessing the clinical outcome of different pathologies.

Students will be encouraged to develop critical skills in order to analyse and comment clinical research results, and learn to independent clinical research methods and to the issues and critical points relating to ethics in clinical research.

More detail in the call for application available online.