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About registration  

Why register

Registration on the portal allows external users to access some online services created especially for them, including admission and enrolment.  Registering for the first time, you will create personal username and password to be used thereafter in accessing all services available to visitors such as:

  • admission and enrolment
  • guidance services
  • information service

Registration should not be carried out by users who are internally linked to the University – students, graduates and staff - who access online services with their University identification credentials.


How to register

During registration, you will be asked for reading information on the processing of personal data and providing:

  • Personal data
  • E-mail address which function regularly required to complete registration



After registration, you will receive a confirmation and activation message to the e-mail address used at the time of registration along with:

  • link for identity verification and confirmation of registration
  • username and password for accessing online services

If you don't receive a confirmation/activation e-mail you can use activation e-mail retrieval service.


Reserved area and access to services

After activation, you can access the your personal area where data can be modified - and sign up for online services reserved for your profile.


Change password

Please change your password at first login using password change service


Retrieving credentials and assistance