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DSU regional scholarships  Education incentive Programme - Diritto allo Studio

Regional scholarships consisting of a sum of money and free access to refectory services are covered by DSU benefits (Education incentive Programme - Diritto allo studio).

Financed by the Lombardy government and the Ministry for Education, regional scholarships are guaranteed to all eligible applicants thanks to extra funds provided by the University.

The scholarships are awarded yearly, via competition, to university students meeting certain merit, income and regular attendance requirements, provided they are regularly enrolled in degree or postgraduate programmes.

Students enrolled in first level master programmes, medical schools of specialisation and doctoral students - who already enjoy a scholarship or research grant - are not eligible to apply.

A general requirement of the competition is that applicants:

  • not hold scholarships from other institutions for the same year of their programme
  • not be enrolled in a part-time programme
  • be regularly enrolled by the time the final ranking lists are published
  • not be more than one year behind schedule in their study programme.

The amount of the scholarship varies from € 1.901 to € 5.195 depending on income range certified by University ISEE, and zone of residence in terms of travelling time to the university campus by public transport.


The application for admission to the competition is made by accessing the University website -> Benefits (Scholarships, Accomodation, Meal), using one's University or registration credentials. The period for application generally starts in mid July, when the announcement is published, and ends in late September.

The necessary documentation, including any supplementary documents needed, must be uploaded as described in the online procedure.

Extract from the call

Extract from the call for applications for Scholarships Academic year 2018/2019


Ranking lists

The ranking lists are first published in provisional and then in final form on the University website -> Benefits (Scholarships, Accomodation, Meal).

The provisional ranking list - generally available by the end of October - is designed to accommodate any appeals for review by students who claim that their documentation was assessed unfairly.

Once applications with supplementary documentation have been assessed and any unfair positions reviewed, the final ranking list of scholarship winners is published. Winners are entitled to:

  • complete exemption from university fees and other charges
  • one free midday meal and another meal at a price determined by the student's income range (for external students).

Scholarships awarded to students whose previous university merit cannot be evaluated - first year, doctoral or specialisation students - have a ranking list based solely on income.

For students enrolled in second or later years of a programme, the ranking list is based on number of credits and average exam results.

Final ranking list DSU Regional scholarships 2018/2019

The final ranking list for the DSU Regional scholarship 2018/2019 is published.

The ranking list is available accessing UNIMIA or the Servizi online SIFA > Sportello online borse, alloggi, mense > Esito graduatorie.

All entitled candidates obtained the scholarships.


Award and renewal

To maintain the right to a scholarship, students enrolled in the first year of a programme must earn the number of credits indicated in the announcement, by the established deadline, with the possibility of using bonus credits.  If the necessary credits are not acquired, the right to the scholarship lapses.

Cases in which right to half the scholarship can be maintained are indicated in the competition announcement.

Payment of the first instalment (50% of the total) will take place by 31 December of each year.

Instalments will be exclusively credited on “Carta La Statale”, the badge which grants access to University services and that every student receives after the enrolment.

The second instalment is only paid once attainment of the necessary merit has been ascertained: October for students enrolled in the first year and 30 June for all others.