Who should register and how

Anyone wishing to use the University services (admission, enrolment, helpdesk InformaStudenti) must authenticate to the University portal.

If you have a SPID identity

You do not need to register on the University portal in order to access the above services, but you can use your SPID identity. Your data will be automatically retrieved from your SPID identity, and your account will be active immediately.

If you already have your registration credentials and try to access with your SPID identity, you will be asked to combine your data with the ones registered in your SPID identity. From that moment, you will be able to use only your SPID identity to access our services.

It is imperative that you use your own SPID identity to authenticate to the portal and request our services: you are not allowed to authenticate to the portal with the SPID identity of third parties (parents, tutors, relatives or others).

If you do not have a SPID identity

To access our services, you have to register on the University portal as an external user. Registration takes only a few minutes and you will be asked to provide:

  • a username and a password
  • your biographical data
  • an active telephone number and e-mail address

At the end of the registration process, you will receive an e-mail to activate your credentials. This step has to be completed within 24 hours, otherwise you will have to repeat the registration process.

Once your credentials are active, you will be able to access our online services.

If you do not receive the activation e-mail:

Why register

Registration on the portal allows external users to access online services dedicated to them, such as:

  • admission and matriculation
  • request information from the registrar (Informastudenti)
  • apply for grants
  • payments.

Those registered on the portal as external users do not have access to the digital library.

How to...
  • If you are using your SPID identity, we do not know your password. Please contact your SPID provider or visit
  • If you have forgotten the credentials generated during registration on the portal but have access to the e-mail account indicated during the procedure, you can use the recover password service
  • if, besides the registration credentials, you have also forgotten the e-mail address indicated during the procedure, write to registrar helpdesk
  • you can modify your password, using the "change password" service

Check that you have activated the credentials

You must confirm registration. When you completed the registration procedure you were sent an e-mail containing a link for activating your credentials. You cannot use the services unless you complete activation.

If you did not receive the e-mail check the address to which it was sent and modify it or have the system send you another message sent.

If you receive the message "Invalid username or password" 

Check that you have correctly entered username and password, paying attention to the use of uppercase and lowercase letters.

You are trying to access a service that is not available to external users. Check the address of the service you are trying to access.

You probably registered in the past using the same e-mail. If you do not remember the credentials issued when registering go to recover username and password.

Registrations on the portal are periodically cancelled. For example, registrations completed up to  31 December 2016 and never used in 2017 are no longer valid.

In this case you must register again.

As of March 2015 the University provides online services to businesses and external institutions through a new platform, and for this reason it is no longer possible to register as an institution, school or company.

For further information: