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Portal Usage  

Downloadable Documents

It is possible to download various types of documents from the portal, including  announcements, forms, minutes and graded lists, in file formats that may be edited or printed. These file formats are represented by the following icons.

Icon Format
.pdf (Portable Document Format) .pdf (Portable Document Format)
.zip file .zip (compressed version of a file or archive of files)
.rtf (Rich Text Format) .rtf (Rich Text Format)
.doc .doc
.xls document .xls
.ppt document .ppt
.htm document .htm


Restricted Access Areas

"Restricted Access Areas" are areas of the portal (containing web pages and/or documents) reserved for authorised users belonging to a specific user group. These areas are marked by the icon [padlock].
The most common examples are the areas reserved for the University’s teaching and non-teaching staff.


Icons and their Meanings



Indicates that the page or document referred to by a particular link will open in a new window  [open a new window]

Shows restricted access areas in the navigation menu and site map. Each user group only sees the areas that it is authorised to access.