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Programmes in English

Welcome to this summary that is intended to give you a quick overview of our academic programmes taught in English, and designed for International students. Watch the video on the University YouTube channel to find out more about some of them.

You can get more information by navigating through our Education and Admission sections, but we suggest you to check this page from time to time. Here you will always find some useful updated hints about admission, education offer, crash and language courses.



Admission now open for Master Degree Programmes without entry examination

From February 1st, till September 12th, 2017, International students can apply to all Master Degree Programmes that not require any entry examination, while Italian students can only apply to Master Programmes entirely taught in English.

Annual updating of degree programmes

Variation about our education offer are usually announced each year, in May, in the occasion of the Open Day. They are anyway very few, and related to the suppression of an old programme or the launch of a new one.

Thus you can rely, anyway, on the actual education offer to start making your choice about the programme you would like to attend at our university.

Degree programmes entirely in English

Bachelor programmes

  • Political Sciences    (3 years/with entrance examination)
    (first and second year held both in Italian and English)
    Curriculum "Politics and Economics" in English

Master and Single-cycle programmes



Degree programmes with curricula entirely taught in English

Master programmes


Degree programmes partly taught in English

Master and Single-cycle programmes


Doctoral Programmes

The University of Milan has 33 Doctoral Programmes in which highly specialised training and research activities are closely related. Students holding a master degree are admitted on the basis of competitive selection and most of them are supported by fellowships. They are trained for advanced scientific research or for highly-qualified professional roles. Programmes mainly consist of independent research projects carried out under the supervision of a university professor.