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Eduroam wifi  

Service Description

Eduroam is a Wi-Fi service intended for UniMI staff, professors, students and external users from federated institutions: it is a worldwide Wi-Fi federation of Universities and Research centers.
Eduroam provides a protected Wi-Fi service that can be accessed from any laptop, smartphone or tablet in a simple and immediate way.
Users have access to all Unimi web services including the Digital Library.

Should a problem arise, contact:


Automatic Configuration

Download CAT (Eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool) for automatic device configuration and select “Università degli Studi di Milano” as the institution.
Once the CAT installation is complete, you need to insert your username and password. Your username must contain the domain suffix:, or

You can connect to CAT using this QR CODE:

QR code logo

If CAT does not support your device, configure Eduroam access manually.


Manual Configuration

Devices must support the WPA2 Enterprise protocol.
The following parameters need to be set manually:

SSID: eduroam;
Network Authentication: WPA2 Enterprise;
Encryption: AES;
EAP type: PEAP with MSCHAPv2;   and your password.


Network Services

Eduroam permitted traffic:

IMAP4: TCP/143
IMAP3: TCP/220
POP3: TCP/110
POP3S: TCP/995
Passive (S)FTP: TCP/21
SMTP submission via STARTTLS: TCP/587
RDP: TCP/3389
Standard IPSec VPN: IP 50 (ESP) and 51 (AH) protocol; UDP/500 (IKE) protocol
OpenVPN 2.0:UDP/1194
IPv6 Tunnel Broker service: IP 41 protocol
IPsec NAT-Traversal: UDP/4500
Cisco IPSec VPN over TCP: TCP/10000
PPTP VPN: IP 47 (GRE) protocol; TCP/1723


Non-Federated Guests

Non-federated guests can request a temporary account in order to access Eduroam within the University of Milan.
Registered guests will receive an account in the following format:
For guests: download CAT (Eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool) and then select “Università degli Studi di Milano” as the institution.
Once the installation is complete, users must insert their username and password. Usernames must contain the domain suffix:

Guest Change Password

Should any problems arise, contact:



1. How can I download the configuration tool required to connect to the Wi-Fi Network?
You need to connect to the unimi-wifi open network to download the CAT Configuration tool.

2. Who can use Eduroam within the Wi-Fi covered areas?
UniMI staff, professors, students, external users from federated institutions and guests.

3. Where can I find the relevant manuals or tools for configuring Eduroam?
Eduram Configuration Guide

4. My device is correctly configured  but I cannot access  Eduroam Network.
Be sure that your username is complete and contains the suffix “”, “” or “”.

5. Which is the Unimi user’s right password for Eduroam service?
Use the same password as for the Unimi webmail service.

6. I‘m in a Wi-Fi zone, my username is correct but I cannot access  Eduroam service.
Probably you are using a wrong password; you can change your password.

7. I've changed my password and now I cannot access  the Eduroam service.
Your old password is stored in your Eduroam network connection; launch your cat tool to update the password.

8. I’m a guest and my institution doesn’t support Eduroam.
Guests can request a temporary access in order to access Eduroam.

9. I’m authenticated to use the Eduroam network but a software application is not working.
Eduroam includes some policy restrictions.

10. I am a Unimi user and I cannot access  the Wi-Fi network in an Eduroam federated institution.
Verify your username and your password, If you have the right configuration send an email to

11. I can access unimi-wifi network but I cannot connect to the Internet.
Use unimi-wifi only for the initial configuration, you must use Eduroam service to connect  to the Internet.

12. How can I configure my Android device to authenticate Eduroam?
You can use the configuration illustrated in this picture and your credentials including your suffix, or

13. How can I configure my Windows Phone device to authenticate Eduroam?
In the settings menu select WiFi-->Eduroam and insert your credentials including your suffix, or

14. How can I configure a Windows 8 RT device to authenticate Eduroam?
 Consult  the relevant manual (windowd8RT.pdf) and  insert your credentials including your suffix, or  Uncheck the option “Verify the server’s identity by validating the certificate”.

15. How can I configure a Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard device to authenticate Eduroam?
Follow this configuration guide.

16. How can I configure a Symbian device to authenticate Eduroam?
Search your Nokia model in these configuration guides.

17. How can I configure a Blackberry device to authenticate Eduroam?
 Search your Blackberry model in these configuration guides.

18. I have a Windows XP laptop, how can I configure Eduroam?
Windows XP is not supported

19. My IOS Apple Device requires a pin-number in order to install the CAT automatic configuration.
This pin-number is mandatory for IOS 7 and has nothing to do with the Eduroam configuration.

20. I have two devices connected to Eduroam service but I cannot share folder between them.
Eduroam network devices are kept isolated  one from the other  for security reasons.

21. I can't install the Eduroam Installer with a Mac OS X System.
Try to delete the actual Eduroam Profile following these screenshots, then you have to download and install the Eduroam Profile again.

22. I cannot download CAT configuration system from
If you have a Windows System platform, temporary deactivate the antivirus service for downloading and launching the .exe configuration file.
If you have a MAC OS X platform open Safari browser and insert this address

23. I have a Linux platform automatically configured with CAT but I cannot access to Eduroam.
Try to leave blank the option “CA Certificate” in your Wi-Fi configuration.

24. In my Wi-Fi zone signal disappeared.
You can send an email to and report  the issue.

25. I ‘m connected to Eduroam with a MAC OS X 10.10 Yosemite Platform but Wi-Fi connection is unstable.
There is an issue between OS X 10.10 platforms and WPA2 enterprise, please wait an Apple official update  resolving this bug.