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Students online services  

Before Applying

Registration to the portal
To access online services as an external user you must register to the portal. You will thus create a personal username and password to be used thereafter in accessing admission and enrolment procedures, as well as guidance and information services.

You will receive your institutional login credentials only at the completion of the enrolment procedure.

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Infostudenti - Students Information Service
Infostudenti is an information service provided by the Students Secretariat in order to help students in case they did not find an answer to their questions in our website. After logging-in with your email credentials, you can fill in the on-line form, select the category of information you need, and send your query to the Secretariat.

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Admission and enrolment
When presenting your application make sure you have the credentials received at your registration to the University portal, or the institutional ones assigned to you on a possible previous enrolment.

Once enrolled you will be assigned institutional credentials to access your personal email box and webpage, in addition to all other University online services, such as Infomail Segreterie, the University’s libraries and multimedia and e-Learning environments.

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Ranking lists 
Admission test ranking list are available without login.  

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In order to apply online for Erasmus at University of Milan, incoming students are required to create an Erasmus account. They will receive their institutional credentials to access the University online services at their arrival in Milan.

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After Applying

University official username and password
Upon completion of enrolment, all students – including doctorate and specialty students - are assigned personal log-in credentials generated automatically within a working day.

Consisting of a username and a password, the log-in credentials are required to access the personal e-mail box and Unimia webpage, and all the online services available.

Credentials have some differences in structure related to position categories.The username - which is also the email address - always contains name and surname and is structured as follows:

  • (for courses and vocational masters students)
  • (for academic, staff, doctoral and specialty students)

Credentials with  will be communicated within 5 working days after the official assignment - by a letter sent to the recipient work place address - and must be activated by accessing a specific application and by using the activation code assigned. Only upon completion of the procedure it is possible to set a password, and receive - at your address - the official assignment letter displayed by the application.

Please note
Everyone can change the assigned password online, at any time.



University e-mail
All students are assigned an email box - with a capacity of 150 MB - that can be accessed with the log-in credentials received upon completion of enrolment.
Like the institutional credentials, the e-mail address differs in relation to the different position categories, and is structured as follows:

The e-mail box may be consulted online from webmail service.
It is always possible to change your password online and solve any possible problems.

Please note
The University e-mail address is frequently the sole channel for official communications. Therefore, it is essential to regularly check and empty your email box in order to avoid over quota.


Unimia is a customisable "home page" assigned to all students - including Erasmus, doctoral and specialty students – in order to give them access to the most important information concerning university (examination enrolment, results, lesson programs and timetables), administration (administrative position, fees, benefits) and study career (academic position, electronic record book, average examination mark).

Unimia also allows students to use secretariat services (SIFA online) and guidance, internships and job search services (COSP).

With Unimia, students can create their own personal lesson calendar, keep an eye on the syllabi that interest them, obtain information about the teaching staff and organise a directory of the most useful university websites.

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Accomodation, scholarships and grants
More information on scholarships | More information on accomodation