Single courses

It is possible to enrol on one or more courses of interest from the various bachelor's, master's or single-cycle degree programmes. Enrolled students may attend classes, sit the final exam and obtain a certificate. 

Single courses are useful for those who:

  • wish to keep abreast of certain topics or supplement their professional competencies

  • have already graduated but must take extra courses for admission to public competitions or postgraduate schools, or to meet the curricular requirements for admission to a master's degree programme

  • are university students, in Italy or abroad, who wish to attend certain classes in the context of programmes and mobility agreements or out of personal interest.

Further information
Requirements and limitations

Those who wish to enrol on single courses must have at least an upper secondary school diploma (or equivalent qualification). In this case students may attend 2 courses per academic year.

Graduates may instead attend up to 4 courses per academic year.

Those already enrolled in postgraduate schools, doctoral research programmes, master's degree programmes or advanced courses are likewise allowed to enrol on single courses.

Students at the University of Milan or other universities who are enrolled on a bachelor's or master's degree programme or who have suspended or interrupted their studies cannot enrol on single courses.

You can enrol in single courses even if you are enrolled in:

  • Post-graduate schools;
  • Doctoral programmes;
  • Vocational masters and advanced courses.

You cannot enrol in single courses if you are:

  • enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's degree programme of this or another university;
  • a student of this University and have interrupted your studies;
  • a student of this University and have suspended your studies.
Available courses

It is possible to enrol to almost all courses of the degree, single-cycle and master's degree programmes of the current academic year. See below to find out the courses that are not available to enrolment as single courses or that require prior authorization to enrolment.

Search the course catalogue to find:

  • syllabus
  • teacher
  • university credits (CFU) 
  • Scientific Disciplinary Sector/s (SSD)
  • related degree programme

Courses that require prior authorization to enrolment from the academic bodies

Courses belonging to programmes such as Dental Medicine, Exercise and Sports Sciences, Health Professions and Medical Biotechnology, Veterinary Medicine, Chemistry F5X and Industrial Chemistry F6X require prior authorization to enrolment and special enrolment procedures (see below).

Courses not available for the enrolment as single courses 

The courses belonging to the Medicine and Surgery degree programme are not available.

The following are not available as single courses: Organic Chemistry and Chemistry Laboratory, Physics and Physics Laboratory, General Mathematics, Laboratory of Mathematical and Statistical Methods, Computer Laboratory.


The registration fee for single courses, including the accident insurance fee and € 16 stamp duty, is:

  • € 180 for the first single course;
  • € 126 for any other single courses.

The registration fee for any single course pertaining to the degree programme in Computer Systems and Networks Security is € 300, with no reduction for enrolment in multiple courses.

You are exempt from the registration fee and will only pay the € 16 stamp duty if you are:

  • a foreign student enrolled in a university with which we have a mobility agreement or programme in place;
  • the beneficiary of a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • a student with a handicap (pursuant to art. 3(1) of Law 104/1992), or a disability equal to or greater than 66%.

In order to obtain fee exemption, please contact the Exemptions Office through the Infostudenti service before completing your registration.


Enrolment on single courses is generally open from mid-July to the end of the academic year; however, some courses have specific enrolment procedures and deadlines.

Those who enrol on more than one single course need submit only one application for enrolment each academic year, which cannot be modified or updated.

The application for enrolment must always be submitted in time for the student to sit the final exams, which must be completed by 31 January of the year subsequent to enrolment.

How to enrol

Enrolment on single courses at the University of Milan is completed online. Before starting the enrolment procedure, choose in the Degree programme courses list which courses you would like to enrol on and prepare a picture of yourself and a scanned copy of your identity document (JPG, PNG, BMP format).

  1. Log in with your credentials to the online service of Enrolment on single courses;
  2. Fill the online form with your data and qualifications;
  3. Indicate the number of single courses you want to enrol on;
  4. For each selected course indicate: course title, lecturer, univeristy credits awarded on completion (CFU), scientific-disciplinary sector/s (SSD) and the reference degree programme (all these information can be found in the Degree course list);
  5. Confirm your application;
  6. Download the receipt of enrolment and pay the appropriate fee using the online payment services.

If you've never been a student of University of Milan, to complete the enrolment, you will be asked to appear in person at the Student Registrar to undertake the mandatory identification process.

You can find all the information (university ID number, credentials etc.) required to attend the single courses of your choice in the enrolment receipt.

Courses that require prior authorization

To enrol on some of the single courses, students must obtain prior authorization from the academic bodies. By confirming your application you are requesting authorization, therefore don’t pay until the registrar has contacted you to notify the result of your request.

Exercise and Sports Sciences

The enrolment can be considered only for theoretical courses.

  • Within the 13th of September 2019 for courses of the first semester or annual
  • Within the 14th of February 2020 for courses of the second semester.

Chemistry F5X and Industrial Chemistry F6X

Environmental Science and Policy

Other courses require also specific deadlines for the submission of the online application.

Dental Medicine, Health Professions and Medical Biotechnology

  • 15th of July – 5th of September 2019 for courses of the first semester
  • 2nd of December – 31st of January 2020 for courses of the second semester.

Veterinary Medicine

The enrolment is allowed only to courses that don’t require the prior sitting of propaedeutic exams.

  • From the 10th of July to the 2nd of September 2019 for courses of the first semester
  • From the 2nd of december to the 31st of January 2020 for courses of the second semester

Chemical safety and Toxicological Environmental Sciences

To respect the attendance requirements, it is possible to enrol only:

  • Within the 4th of October 2019 for the courses of the first semester or annual
  • Within the 2nd of March 2020 for courses of the second semester.