The University

Its history and future, statistical data and ranking, institutional facilities and events, quality, welfare, transparency and anti-corruption.

People, bodies and policies for governing the University: from the Rector to the Board of Directors.

Science for citizens, sustainability policies, museums and collections, the university and the world of work.

Organizational structure and location of: administrative offices, libraries, departments, faculties and schools, cultural centres and institutions, farms.

Recruitment competitions, selections, opportunities to collaborate and invitations to tender: discover work opportunities at the University.

Information on University tenders and contracts for works, supplies and services, professional registers, and real estate auctions.

Charter, codes, regulations and guidelines: all the directives governing University life.

The processes, instruments and players ensuring quality in teaching, research, and the third mission.

Donations, legacies, funding and 5xmille: discover how you can support education and research at the University.