Consulting and collaboration

The University can grant individual assignments for needs that cannot be met with in-service personnel:

  • to experts with proven competence
  • for temporary services
  • for services that correspond to the competences assigned by the administrative system, and to specific and defined objectives and projects,

with establishment in advance of:

  • duration
  • purpose
  • compensation for the activity.

The assignment of tasks to third parties complies with the provisions of Article 7 paragraph 6 of Legislative Decree 165/2001.

The conferral of external assignments takes place following comparative procedures after ascertaining the impossibility of satisfying the need through the use of human resources already present within the university (see the section: Internal notification of assignments).

Assignments are conferred through self-employment agreements.

Public Notices
Registers of suppliers and professionals

Service and work providers, graphic design experts and language trainers.

The contract:

  • cannot concern the performance of ordinary functions
  • must be temporary and cannot be renewed
  • can only be extended to complete a project, without prejudice to the amount of compensation agreed upon during the conferral of the assignment. 

The collaborators:

  • cannot be made use of as employees
  • are required to follow the University of Milan Code of Conduct for employees and - as far as is compatible - the Regulations for the code of conduct for public employees.


The financial compensation, the duration of the assignment, the objectives of the contract and the methods of participation in the selection are communicated in the public notice.

The collaborators are chosen from experts who have specific and demonstrated specializations, including university qualifications. In cases in which it is necessary to entrust the collaboration to professionals who are enrolled in professional orders or registers, or for activities that support teaching and research, this criterion can be set aside. 

The selection of candidates includes:

  • assessment of the candidates' experience with respect to the profile envisaged by the collaboration
  • comparative assessment by qualifications and/or an interview.

Additional information dedicated to consultants and collaborators is published on the staff portal laStatale@Work:

  • Forms: registration information, tax data and payments, Unique Office Codes (CUU)
  • Forms: compensation payments and bills
  • CV forms and Declaration pursuant to Art. 15, paragraph 1, letter c) of Legislative Decree 33/2013
  • Social security, assistance and maternity.

At laStatale@work the following are published:

  • procedures for giving assignments
  • forms
  • circulars and operating instructions.