Quality assurance

For the University of Milan, Quality Assurance means adopting processes and tools that provide all students, teachers, researchers, and staff with a quality study, research or career path.

The values underlying QA processes are described in the Quality Policies document.

Moreover, we share ENQA's Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (2015) and participate in the periodic accreditation process as defined in the AVA guidelines for self-assessment, evaluation, and periodic accreditation by the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes (ANVUR).


In order to increase the dissemination and sharing of documents and information that are relevant for the QA process, as well as with a view to transparency, it is essential to map these documents and information. Transparency is among the fundamental principles of the University, as stated in our Quality Policies.

This document, which is drawn up by Institutional Affairs with the methodological supervision of the Quality Assurance Board, illustrates the guidelines and methods of publication and dissemination of all QA-related documents, both at the central and local level.

The document has two Annexes. The first, constantly updated with the contribution of all administrative offices, is the actual mapping of documents and information flows. The second is an insight on the QA management "dashboard".

Meeting reports of the Quality Assurance Board

Meeting reports of the Independent Evaluation Unit

Cortile interno di via Festa del Perdono
The University Quality Assurance System

The processes and people involved in QA planning, management and assessment for educational and scientific activities.

Events and training

Events and training activities organized by the Quality Assurance Board.

Studenti, realizzazione di video informativi
Informational videos

Quality, strategic lines, our mission and engagement tools for the entire academic community.

Studenti a lezione
Quality Assurance at degree programme level

The people, tools and processes involved in assessing and monitoring quality in teaching and learning.

Ricercatori in laboratorio
Quality Assurance at department level

Monitoring research and third mission activities, defining goals and assessing achievements with a view to ongoing improvement. 

Quality Assurance at PhD programme level

The people, tools and processes involved in assessing and monitoring quality of Doctoral research programmes (PhD).