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Communication of 3rd September 2020


Placements tests are held in classroom starting from 12th October (registration is open from 1st October).



Entry-level tests to assess the level of English proficiency in order to be admitted to Master's degree courses are held online, except for the following degree courses whose test is held in classroom:

- Philology, Literature and History of Antiquity,

- Industrial Chemistry;

- Agricultural Sciences;

- Agro-environmental Sciences;

- Crops and Plant Sciences.


Italian placement test sessions to access the courses of Italian language for foreigners will be held online in October.



The end of course test additional attempts are held in classroom. 


All first semester language courses (English and Italian language for foreigners) will be held online through the Teams platform.

All Cambridge exams have been resumed and are held in classroom.


As an alternative to classroom activities, SLAM guarantees the possibility to sit the test online, also in a different date, to international students currently abroad, students residing in a different region as well as to students suffering from seriour health issues exclusively. These students must contact the Centre in due advance at, SLAM category.



SLAM - University of Milan Language Centre organises language tests and courses for both Italian and international students, in particular:


  • Entry tests, Placement tests and English courses for freshmen: Compulsory for those students who do not have a language certificate at a level which is equal to higher than that required by their degree course. 
  • Tests and courses for entry-level and advanced French, Spanish, German and Anglo-American/advanced English:  ​​​​Compulsory for those students whose degree programme include a further foreign language assessment, i.e. areas of Political, Economic and Social Sciences and Humanities. 
  • Tests and courses for English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German for students who apply for European and extra-European mobility programmes.
  • Italian language for foreigners tests and courses 
    Open to international students, Erasmus+ incoming students, PhD students and visiting professors.

The University of Milan is also an Exam Centre for a variety of international language certificates involving SLAM and other university facilities.

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