Language proficiency

The University of Milan Language Centre offers tests and language courses for both Italian and foreign students, in particular:

  • Placement tests and English courses for bachelor’s degree programmes
    Compulsory for those who do not have language certificate at an equal or higher level than the language requirements of the chosen degree programme. 
  • Tests and courses in advanced French, Spanish, German and Anglo-American/English
    Compulsory for those who have to choose a second language in their study plan, such as areas of Political Economic and Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Test and courses in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German for students who apply for European and non-European mobility programmes.
  • Italian courses 
    Open to international students, Erasmus+ students, graduate students, PhD students and visiting professors.

The University of Milan is also an examination Centre for a variety of international language certificates involving other institutions.

For information and assistance 
Infostudente Service

Tests and courses for international and mobility students, postgraduates, visiting scholars and professors.