Language proficiency

The University of Milan Language Centre offers tests and language courses for both Italian and foreign students, in particular:


  • Placement tests and English courses for bachelor’s degree programmes
    Compulsory for those who do not have a language certificate at an equal or higher level than the language requirements of the chosen degree programme. 
  • Tests and courses in advanced French, Spanish, German and Anglo-American/English
    Compulsory for those who have to choose a second language in their study plan, such as areas of Political Economic and Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Test and courses in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German for students who apply for European and non-European mobility programmes.
  • Italian courses 
    Open to international students, Erasmus+ students, graduate students, PhD students and visiting professors.

The University of Milan is also an examination Centre for a variety of international language certificates involving other institutions.

For information and assistance 
Infostudente Service

Tests and courses for international and mobility students, postgraduates, visiting scholars and professors.