Social responsibility

The University of Milan plays a decisive role in sparking societal progress and innovation. In fact, each of its operations in some way helps ensure that the quality of life in the community keeps improving.

From training of future professionals to academic research, the University has built a series of interconnected relationships, a network that strengthens ties amongst the community and academia, with bountiful results for the local, national, and international economy.

The University acts as an economic player in its own rights, a partner to organisations and businesses, positions its job-seeking students and graduates strategically in front of employers and functions as a hub for cultural programming, volunteer projects, and cooperation. By conceiving and developing its operations in an ethical, sustainable manner whilst striving for the good of the community and the environment, the University of Milan has become a role model for other major economic players, both public and private.

Every aspect of the University's public pledge to tune into community needs, and become a sounding board and engaged partner within civil society.

The University of Milan works in the interest of public health: clinical studies, academic and scientific support for healthcare facilities, activities in the veterinary field.

Our commitment to sustainability: University projects, participation in national and international networks.

There are many opportunities for cooperation between businesses and the University of Milan, including research, collaborations, events, lifelong learning, internships and traineeships, job orientation.

The University of Milan supports volunteering in its many forms through projects, memoranda of understanding and training courses addressed to the entire university's community.