Study abroad

Covid Emergency - Erasmus+

Mobility for the 2021-22 a.y. is regularly planned, subject to different provisions of the competent authorities. We encourage students to keep up to date with the host university on the health situation in the destination country.

An experience of study or educational traineship abroad in over 300 different European partner universities, with the recognition of the activity as part of students' academic career.

Mobility for teaching staff and for thesis periods in non-EU countries having cooperation agreements with the European Union.

Find out about courses and competitions that enable you to undertake part of your university studies in another country and obtain a double degree.

Information, procedures and calls for applications for study programmes outside the European Union

Study grants for Master's theses at academic and research institutions in other countries.

Competitions, opportunities and activation procedures for undertaking a traineeship abroad.

Discover the international programmes for graduates, doctoral students and researchers wishing to continue study abroad.

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