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Knowledge transfer
Innovation for business and the local area

The University of Milan promotes the application and dissemination of knowledge and technologies produced internally, to contribute to the civil, cultural and economic development of society.

Knowledge transfer activities are entrusted to the Unimi Foundation, which supports the University in its relations with the market and in the exploitation of research results. The Unimi Foundation draws on the skills and knowledge of 3,000 professors, researchers and technicians from 33 departments of the University, who can rely on excellent facilities and instruments in every field.

The University can be a strategic partner in innovative projects and processes for companies and institutions using research as the key to improving their competitive position on the market.

Leveraging on our interdisciplinary skills, we can serve a wide range of industrial sectors, from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, from agribusiness to materials, providing each company with a tailored approach to innovation.

Unimi Foundation


Unimi Foundation - Filarete website

La valorizzazione della ricerca accademica attraverso la creazione di un collegamento dinamico e costante tra studenti, ricercatori, docenti e attori chiave dell’economia.

Since 1992, around 300 patents have been filed by the professors and researchers of the University of Milan: a wealth of inventions available to the local area and the community

From the skills and initiative of the University of Milan's research groups, new companies are born that bring the latest scientific and technological discoveries to the market