Technical-administrative staff recruitment

To become part of the technical administrative staff of the University of Milan, you must follow the recruitment procedures that involve participation in a competition. 

The educational qualification required to participate in competitions and selections for technical and administrative personnel varies according to the category of the position to be filled - ranging from the qualification awarded at the end of compulsory education to the possession of particular professional qualifications.

Organisational Development and Hr Division

Teaching and Technical, Administrative & Library Staff Competitive Hiring Sector

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Description of the categories

The technical-administrative staff is hired with a subordinate employment relationship for an indefinite or a defined period, through methods that differ according to the level of the position to be filled:

  • access to category B, economic position B1
    selection start-up by the competent Provincial Employment Centers

  • access to category B, economic position B3 and to the initial economic position of categories C, D & EP
    public competitions and selections 

Competitions for the recruitment of permanent staff are announced for positions in the central administration and decentralized locations.
The selections for fixed-term hiring are announced to cover temporary and exceptional needs for research projects, improvement of services or for the activation of complex technical infrastructures.

Managerial assumptions are made pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 165/2001, General rules on the organization of workers employed by public administrations, the University regulations for access to managerial qualification and for the assignment of fixed-term management positions and the National Collective Bargaining Agreement (CCNL) for university managers available from:

The selection process for technicians provides for the stipulation of temporary employment contracts for qualified technicians (Economic position D3 or EP3), who have an undergraduate degree and a specified professional qualification in relation to the type of activity envisaged (both technical and administrative support for research activities in the context of research projects funded by the European Union or by other public and private bodies and organizations).

For more detailed information regarding categories, please consult the page related to the personnel classification system.