What we study

At "La Statale" we study many different disciplines covering three major areas of knowledge. The classification into Life Science LS, Social Sciences and Humanities SH and Physical Sciences and Engineering PE is that used by the European Research Council, the leading research funding body in Europe.

Studies in this field aim at increasing understanding of life mechanisms and find application in fields such as healthcare, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and the food industry. Life Science includes scientific disciplines that study organisms, such as plants, animals, humans and microorganisms. It also includes study of the social and ethical effects of this area of research, as in the case of bioethics.

Since it is such a large field, it is divided into sub-categories.

Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences
Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences
Health, Animal Science and Food Safety
Agricultural and Environmental Sciences - Production, Landscape, Agroenergy

The social sciences and humanities are concerned with humans and society, the origin and development of human societies, the institutions, social relations and foundations of society.

They are an inestimable resource in the panorama of European research and play a role in laying the foundations for an innovative approach to knowledge and in formulating new solutions to the principal challenges of contemporary society.

Physical Sciences and Engineering include mathematics, physics, information and communications science and technology, engineering, earth science and astrophysics.