E-learning platforms

The University of Milan has always fostered educational innovation, not only in terms of technology, but also of method. It has progressively invested in improving teaching practices through digital technologies and tools associated with eLearning, multimedia and audiovisual production.

The range of online courses and modules has expanded over the years, in addition to or even as a substitute for traditional classes.

We currently use two e-learning platforms: Ariel and Moodle.

Browse the Ariel Portal for available online courses and educational websites


The Ariel platform hosts educational websites for traditional offline programmes in any area of study. It boasts a wide e-learning offer, covering the whole programme in some cases. Within the educational websites you will find information, study materials and in-depth resources or educational activities.


The Moodle platform is used for educational projects and programmes combining traditional and online classes, or consisting of online courses only.
The offer covers Bachelor's and Master's Degree programmes (eg self-training laboratories, language exercises, IT skill assessment or remedial courses) as well as post-graduate programmes, such as masters, improvers courses and refresher courses for teachers.
A wide range of tools, functionalities and materials is available, depending on the programme type, target audience and learning objectives: videolessons and teaching modules, recordings of classroom lessons for remote use, synchronous virtual classrooms, self-assessment tests, computer-based exercises and exams.


Computer Systems and Networks Security (SSRI): a Bachelor's online programme

Working students, and anyone wishing to attend an entirely online course, can enrol the programme in Computer Systems and Networks Security(SSRI). Classroom attendance is limited to exam sessions, scheduled over weekends.