Policies and principles

Research strategy

The University’s strategic framework reflects a deep commitment to promoting scientific research and its social impact, which involves an open and continuous process of communication, collaboration and exchange between itself and society, governmental institutions, funding bodies, and the world of business and services. The University aims in particular at:

  • strengthening the University’s main research actors and their capacity to best reflect the University’s strategic objectives
  • increasing its capacity to attract talented researchers from abroad and in all scientific areas
  • enhancing disciplinary interactions across research areas by promoting the integration between technical-scientific, biomedical, humanistic, social and legal skills, in a European vision of open, inclusive and responsible science
  • supporting the modernization of its laboratories by means of long-term investments in the development of large, technologically advanced infrastructure.
Responsible research and innovation (RRI)

Following the principles that lead to responsible research and innovation means involving society in the processes that support scientific production and that orient innovation toward the advancement of shared values.

Open Science

The University adheres to and supports the principles of open science, a global movement created to render processes of production, validation, dissemination and evaluation of science transparent.

Membership in LERU

The State University is the only Italian member of LERU (League of European Research Universities), the association of university bodies for the promotion of basic research within European research universities.