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Calls for type-A temporary research fellowships funded through FSE-React EU - PON “Research and innovation 2014-2021”

63 calls for type-A temporary research fellowships have been posted to the research fellowships page, pursuant to Ministerial Decree no. 1062 of 10 August 2021. These research fellowships are co-funded through FSE-React EU funds as part of the Italian national programme (PON) “Research and Innovation 2014-2020”.

The programme is intended to fund research contracts in the areas of innovation (technological, digital, social, etc.) and green initiatives (ecosystem conservation, biodiversity, reduction of the impacts of climate change, sustainable development, etc.).
It is possible to:

  • View each call, by entering the corresponding code as shown in the call announcement
  • View the full list by selecting the link “Calls for applications for PON research fellowships”

The recruitment of researchers takes place by selection or by direct call.

The calls for applications are divided into two types based on the requested characteristics:

Type A fixed-term researchers (RTDA): recruited with a three-year contract that can only be extended once, for two years, after a positive evaluation of the teaching and research activities that have been carried out. Entry requirements: doctoral programme degree (PhD) or medical specialization diploma.

Type B fixed-term researchers (RTDB) – recruited with non-renewable three-year contracts, full-time only, with the possibility of transferring to associate professor (Article 24 paragraph 5), after the positive evaluation of the activities carried out. Access requirements (one of the following):

  • the holder of a Type A researcher contract, or a research or post-doctoral fellowship, for at least 3 years, or holder of similar contracts and scholarships in universities abroad;
  • have the Italian National Scientific Qualification (ASN) or a medical specialization diploma.
Researcher Selection Notices
SICON – Competition System

Online competition management and selection service for professors and researchers.

Direct call for researchers

This is a form of direct recruitment that does not include calls from individual universities, but it is a nominative proposal that the university sends directly to the Ministry (Law 230/2005, Art. 1, paragraph 9).

Scholars can be recruited by direct call, who have:

  • been permanently engaged abroad in research or teaching activities for at least three years, holding an equivalent academic position in a university or a research institution abroad. The call requires the consultation of the National Scientific Qualification Commissions (ASN);
  • qualified for specific high-qualification research projects, funded by the European Union or by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and identified with a specific decree, after a positive opinion from ANVUR and CUN. For calls made within three years of winning the research project, consultation of the National Scientific Qualification Commissions (ASN) is not required.