Sustainable transport: legal issues

A.A. 2019/2020
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The purpose of the course is to study how legal instruments can be functional in achieving more sustainable transport activities.
Students will be brought to examine and understand the impact of technical legislation, civil liability rules, sanctions and enforcement measures.
This will involve an assessment of transport markets, a general overview of the relevant rules at the national, international, and European levels, and a detailed analysis of the most significant of such rules and the relevant case law.
Risultati apprendimento attesi
Knowledge and understanding: The aim of the course is to enable students to acquire an in-depth knowledge of selected subjects of transport law with specific reference to their impact on sustainable development.
Applying knowledge and understanding: Students will be expected to develop the ability to grasp the principles and policy reasons underlying the relevant rules and to understand the practical consequences of the application of such rules.
Making judgements: The direct examination and study of legislation and case law should bring students to autonomously reasoned views on the subject matters of the course.
Comunication skills: Students shall be trained to express their views in a concise, logical and persuasive manner.
Learning skills: As a result, at the end of the course, it is expected that students, in addition to a detailed set of notions, shall also acquire a critical methodology for their studies.
Programma e organizzazione didattica

Edizione unica

Secondo semestre
see below English program
working knowledge of English language
basic notions of international and EU law
Metodi didattici
the course will be based on the analysis and discussion of materials (international conventions or EU regulations and directives, case law, articles etc.)
given such methodology, the active participation of students will be essential
regular attendance (at least 75%) of classes will therefore be mandatory in order to allowed to take the exam
Materiale di riferimento
the relevant materials and recommended readings will be accessible on the Internet or otherwise timely made available to students
Modalità di verifica dell’apprendimento e criteri di valutazione
the overall evaluation will be based on the contribution during classes and on a final oral discussion on a subject to be assigned rasonably in advance
Lezioni: 42 ore
giovedì 10.30 - 12.00