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A.A. 2021/2022
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The objective of the final exam is to enable the student to do research on a specific topic, in one of the subject matters learnt during his/her Bachelor, according to the methodologies proper to that specific knowledge area, and to write an essay in English which correctly exposes the state of the art in relation to that topic and the results of his/her research. In performing these activities the student will be supervised by one of his/her professors.
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Knowledge and understanding: By the end of their final exam, students shall have the capacity to do simple research in the chosen field in accordance with the methodologies and standards required by the specific knowledge area.
Applying knowledge and understanding: The research at the basis of the thesis will require students to retrieve autonomously the relevant data and literature, elaborate them critically, applying the knowledge and methodologies learnt during the course of study, and finally write their final essay exposing their thoughts and results in a clear and systematic way.
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