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A.A. 2021/2022
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The Master's Degree thesis, corresponding to 15 credits, is an original work written in English on a topic related to the course subject areas.
The Master's thesis offers the students the opportunities to plan a research activity, critically collect, analyze and interpret data, write a report.

A supervisor and co-supervisor will guide the students through their thesis research.

Writing a thesis is aimed at enhancing students' ability to: clearly identify the research questions they intend to answer; independently and critically carry out a literature review on the selected topic; elaborate a theoretical or empirical research plan consistent with the research questions; analyze and interpret the results obtained; highlight their study's theoretical and applicative contributions and its methodological limitations.

The thesis's results will be presented and defended before a Thesis Examination Committee.
Risultati apprendimento attesi
At the end of the final exam, students will be able to:
a)Be autonomous searching for reliable sources and data to analyze and explain a topic related to human resource management.

b)Independently analyze and synthesize scientific literature and relevant data related to a topic.

c)Critically reflect on the theoretical, ethical, methodological, and practical implications of the work carried out.
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