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A.A. 2022/2023
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The main objective of the final dissertation is to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the analysis techniques employed in the research project constituting the thesis work, as well as the ability to discuss critically the results obtained as well as their biological interpretation. The thesis work will consist of the application of bioinformatic methods and pipelines for the organization and analysis of high-throughput data, with special focus on "omics" technologies based on sequencing, also including the development of novel tools and approaches.
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In the final dissertation the student must first present his/her results to a Committee composed by BCG faculty members, and discuss both the methodological choices as well as the results obtained in order to demonstrate a solid knowledge on the different aspects (computational and biological) addressed during the thesis work. Competences in scientific writing will be achieved throughout the project and during the writing of the final dissertation. Experience in the oral presentation and discussion of scientific data will be acquired through research group journal clubs, laboratory meetings, and departmental seminars.
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