Introduction to plant development and signal transduction

A.A. 2022/2023
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Ore totali
Obiettivi formativi
- Searching, in a set of primary articles, for key/pertinent elements that inform on advances in a precise scientific field
- Working autonomously and in collaborative groups and networks
- Evaluating peers on an oral presentation
- Skills to be developed both in oral and written exercises:
o Putting a scientific question in the context of the state-of-the-art
o Analysing and presenting a scientific dataset made of experimental results
o Understanding the experimental protocol behind a result, a methodology
o Proposing an approach and methodologies to answer to a scientific question
Risultati apprendimento attesi
- Recapitulate the main developmental steps of the models described in the lectures and their most important regulatory pathways;
- Describe some important genetic and epigenetic regulations involved in development and cell differentiation;
- Explain the experimental strategy used in a scientific publication;
- Explain experimental details of classical experiments used in the field of development and cell differentiation;
Conclude and be critical about a series of experiments;
- Propose experimental strategies to answer questions related to development and cell differentiation.
Programma e organizzazione didattica