Physiology of lactation

A.A. 2022/2023
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The course aims to provide students with adequate knowledge of the physiology and endocrinology of the mammary gland, the composition of milk and colostrum, the functional activity of milk and its technological characteristics, the characteristics and use of substitute milk. The differences between the species will be analyzed for each topic. In addition, the course aims to develop the student's ability to highlight the link between structure and function for the acquisition of a general vision of the physiological processes that lead to the production of milk. The student must be able to evaluate the quality and technological characteristics of the milk product and to be able to expose the topics covered with an appropriate language.
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The student must be able to:
1) know the physiology of the mammary gland (development and its regulation);
2) know the endocrinology of lactation and milk ejection reflex;
3) know how the alveolar cells of the breast produce the various milk components;
4) Highlight the link between structure and function;
5) Acquire an integrated view of the physiological mechanisms that regulate breast development, milk production and ejection;
6) Know the composition of colostrum and milk also in the different species;
7) Understanding pathophysiological situations that determine a reduction or altered milk production;
8) Know the functional and technological characteristics of milk;
9) Highlight the link between functional and technological characteristics and product quality;
10) Replacement milk;
11) Acquire a correct terminology.
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