Erasmus Mundus Master Program in ChEMoinformaticsPlus

Azione: Erasmus Mundus Joint Master 2021

ChEMoinformaticsPlus is an European Master Program in Chemoinformatics that has been organized by a consortium of eight universities from seven different countries. It comprises seven specialistic tracks which introduce the students to the diverse aspects of Chemoinformatics by attending courses and internship labs in at least two different countries (

Coordinatore: Universitè de Strasbourg (Francia)

Coordinatori Unimi: Laura BelvisiStefano Pieraccini


  • Universitè de Strasbourg (Francia) (Coordinatore)
  • Università degli Studi di Milano (Italia)
  • University of Paris (Francia)
  • University NOVA of Lisbon (Portogallo)
  • University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • University of Bar Ilan (Israele)
  • Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiyv (Ucraina)
  • Kazan Federal University (Russia)
  • University of Vienna (Austria), partner associato
  • Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University (Azerbaijan), partner associato


ChEMoinformaticsPlus aims at providing students with a solid preparation in Chemoinformatics. Chemoinformatics is a major discipline in theoretical chemistry that uses artificial intelligence and data sciences to tackle complex cutting-edge chemical problems. It concerns the development, creation, organization, storage, dissemination, analysis, visualization and use of chemical information. As a Chemistry discipline, it is rooted into experimental skills, on which the essential expertise for data acquisition, processing and modelling are based. Students will receive an excellent training in physical and computational chemistry, molecular modelling, data science, artificial intelligence, software programming, database management and soft skills that are needed in this field by the chemical Industry and Research Institutes.

Within the two years' program of study, students can choose among the following seven study tracks:

1. In Silico Design of Bioactive Molecules (Milan - Paris - Strasbourg)

2. Chemoinformatics and Physical Chemistry (Milan - Strasbourg)

3. Chemoinformatics for Biophysical and Computational Chemistry (Ljubljana - Strasbourg)

4. Chemoinformatics for Organic Chemistry (Lisbon - Strasbourg)

5. Chemoinformatics and Chemical reactions (Kazan - Strasbourg)

6. Ultra Large Chemical Library Design and Virtual Screening (Kiyv - Strasbourg)

7. Chemoinformatics and Materials Informatics (Bar Ilan - Strasbourg)

The project federates an existing network of double degrees in Chemoinformatics into a joint master program with the aim of improving scientific excellence and employability of the graduates.

Utenza target:

Students interested to Master degree in Chemoinformatics.

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Da 01-09-2022 A 31-08-2028
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