Certified email (PEC)

The University of Milan has set up an institutional certified email (PEC) account: unimi@postecert.it.

Messages sent and received through a certified email account have the same legal value as a registered letter with return receipt, but only if both the sender and the recipient use a certified email account (art. 48 of the Code of Digital Administration and Decree of the President of the Republic 68/2005).

The certified email address must be used only to send the University formal notifications and requests, applications for competitions, statements or other documents of legal interest.

Correct use of Certified Email

The University accepts text documents as PDF or PDF/A files. Users must therefore transform documents from the original format into.pdf files before attaching them to the certified email (PEC) message.

To submit multiple applications for competitions or invoices, a certified email message must be sent for each application or invoice.

For example, to apply for three different competitions, the candidate must submit each application in a separate certified email message. If a company wishes to send five invoices, it must do so in five separate certified email messages. 

To request general information on University personnel, services and offices, please consult the page:

Student Information Service - Registrar

Students cannot use the University's certified email account  (unimi@postecert.it) to request information on registering for exams, enrolmenttransfersfees and duesscholarshipsor online services.

For these requests, please contact the Students' Information Service.