Community medicine 3

A.Y. 2019/2020
Overall hours
MED/13 MED/28 MED/30 MED/32
Learning objectives
The course aims to provide students with the tools to recognize the most frequent pathologies in dentistry, otolaryngology, of the endocrine system and of the eye and being able to evaluate and assess diagnostic pathways and therapy.
Expected learning outcomes
Identify and understand the epidemiology, the etiology, symptomatology and prognosis of the mayor disease of the district.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Prerequisites for admission
There are no prerequisites
Assessment methods and Criteria
The exam is a written question with open and closed questions and is held for all modules of the integrated course on the same day.
Malattie dell'apparato visivo
Course syllabus
Common ocular diseases according to different ages:
- Refractive errors, amblyopia, and strabismus
- Diabetic retinopathy
- Cataracts
- Glaucomas
- Age-related macular degeneration
Teaching methods
Frontal Lessons
Teaching Resources
Oftalmologia, Delfino Editore
Malattie odontostomatologiche
Course syllabus
- Classification of teeth and dental formula
- Hints of embryology and odontogenesis
- Anatomy and morphology of the teeth and gums
- Epidemiology of oral diseases in Italy and in the world
- Etiological factors of caries and periodontal disease
- Dental plaque and cariogenic bacteria
- The role of diet, socio-economic and behavioral factors in oral health
- Caries risk assessment
- At home and professional preventive methods of the main diseases of the oral cavity
- The role of smoking on oral health
- Maintaining oral health in the elderly patient
- Ministerial Guidelines on oral health
- Community dentistry programs
Teaching methods
Frontal Lessons and group projects.
Teaching Resources
Odontoiatria Preventiva Integrata. Limeback, Editore: Emsi Edizione: 10/2014, Volume: Unico
ISBN 9788886669955
Course syllabus
Physiological acoustics
Anatomy and physiology of the outer, middle, inner ear
Audiometry concepts
Deafness prevention, screening
Causes of childhood deafness
Diagnosis and therapy of childhood deafness
The transmissive and sensorineural causes of deafness in adults
Presbycusis general clinical and diagnostic aspects
The hearing aid and its application
The provision of the hearing aid to the elderly by the NHS
Teaching methods
Frontal Lessons, practical sessions
Teaching Resources
U. Ambrosetti, F. Di Berardino, L. Del Bo Audiologia Protesica Minerva medica editore
A. Cesarani Audiologia pratica Casi Clinici Omega Editore
L. Pignataro. A. Cesarani, G. Felisati, A. Schindler Trattato di otorinolaringoiatria ed audiologia EdiSES
Course syllabus
Introduction to Endocrinology
Pituitary diseases
Thyroid diseases
Teaching methods
Frontal Lessons
Teaching Resources
1) Titolo: Core curriculum Endocrinologia e Metabolismo
Autori: Giovanni Faglia, Paolo Beck-Peccoz, Anna Spada, Andrea Lania, Editore: MacGraw Hill Education
2) Williams Textbook of Endocrinology 13th Edition
Autori: Shlomo Melmed Kenneth Polonsky P. Reed Larsen Henry Kronenberg
Editore: Elsevier
MED/32 - AUDIOLOGY - University credits: 1
Lessons: 10 hours
Professor: Ambrosetti Umberto
MED/13 - ENDOCRINOLOGY AND METABOLISM - University credits: 1
Lessons: 10 hours
Professor: Fugazzola Laura
Malattie dell'apparato visivo
MED/30 - OPHTHALMOLOGY - University credits: 1
Lessons: 10 hours
Malattie odontostomatologiche
MED/28 - ORAL DISEASES AND DENTISTRY - University credits: 1
Lessons: 10 hours