Information, Rights and Digital Markets

A.Y. 2019/2020
Overall hours
IUS/05 IUS/10
Learning objectives
The students will be equipped with the conceptual and empirical tools to understand the most salient features and the most relevant consequences of today's processes in a number of significant social domains.
Expected learning outcomes
By the end of the course students will acquire the ability to critically evaluate and discuss the impact, development and use of the topics covered during the course. The final exam aims to verify the expected learning outcomes in relation to these topics.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
Third trimester
Course syllabus
The course has been divided into threee parts. First focuses primarily on the freedom of speech and its limits. Second part analyzes the evolution of Italian and European broadcasting law with particular regard to Media Audiovisual Services and third part seeks to adress the question of appropriate form of internet regulation; in this spirit contents of the subject-matter are internet regulation, entry barriers for new competitors, cyber security, privacy
Prerequisites for admission
There are no pre-requisites for attendance
Teaching methods
Face to face lectures and group assignments that consist of presentations given by students on a selection of issues.
Teaching Resources
G. Avanzini, G. Matucci, L. Musselli (a cura di), Informazione e media nell'era digitale, Giuffrè, 2019.
Assessment methods and Criteria
There will be an oral and individual final exam at the end of the term wich will test the student's knowledge and understanding of the topics covered in class. There will be also a mid-term in class test opened only to attending students. The final evaluation will take into account the results of all the activities during the course.
IUS/05 - ECONOMICS LAW - University credits: 3
IUS/10 - ADMINISTRATIVE LAW - University credits: 6
Lessons: 60 hours