Psychiatry and clinical psychology

A.Y. 2019/2020
Overall hours
M-PSI/08 MED/25
Learning objectives
The course will provide general knowledge in the causes, clinical signs and pharmacological treatment of the most common psychiatric conditions; the role of stressful events in psychological and psychiatric illnesses; how to interact with the psychiatric patient and understand the consequences of the illness in the family environment; general knowledge of the cognitive and behavioral therapeutic approaches;
Expected learning outcomes
The student will be able to:
· discuss the most common psychiatric illnesses, aetiology, treatment modalities, pharmacological treatments;
· discuss the role of stressful events in health and illness;
· discuss the possible consequences of mental pathology within the family;
· discuss the concepts of understanding and explanation in medicine, psychiatry and clinical psychology;
· discuss the main aspects of cognitive and behavioral therapeutic approaches;
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Prerequisites for admission
Be enrolled in the 3rd year of the course of study
Assessment methods and Criteria
Written test
Course syllabus
- The Concept of Mental Disorder
- Criteria and diagnostic systems; the organization of health care for psychiatric diseases
- Psychotic disorders
- Anxiety Disorders
- Mood Disorders
- Disorders related to the use of psychoactive substances
- Disorders of Food Conduct
- The iatrogenic effects of psychopharmacological therapy
Teaching methods
Classroom lessons
Teaching Resources
Slides and scientific articles explained during the lessons
Psicologia clinica
Course syllabus
The epistemological model of disease and patient centered medicine; the patient's experience of illness; the communicative-relational process in medicine; the relational skills of the healthcare professional; psychological defense mechanisms; elements of psychosexology; the inner life of the health worker.
Teaching methods
Classroom lessons / workshop
Teaching Resources
Lecture notes by the teachers
MED/25 - PSYCHIATRY - University credits: 2
Lessons: 20 hours
Professor: Gambini Orsola
Psicologia clinica
M-PSI/08 - CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY - University credits: 2
Practicals: 15 hours
Lessons: 10 hours
by appointment
San Paolo Hospital, 9th Floor, A Building, via A di Rudinì 8, Milano