Field atachement (second year)

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
Analyze the advanced nursing and midwives practices and results in the fields of clinical care, education and research in order to draw plans and projects to improve nursing and midwifery care quality for people and the community
Expected learning outcomes
The student will reflect on a detected nursing and midwifery problem in the field of the clinical, educational and research experience, with a literature review, in order to identify its causes, the effects and the interventions
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Teaching methods
The lessons will be held in-class and/or remotely through the online platforms provided by the University. The distance lessons will be held in synchronous (through Microsoft Teams platform) and/or asynchronous mode (through Power point with audio, video recording lessons, audio recording lessons, other).
Program and Bibliography
The program and the Bibliography will not be changed.
Assessment methods and criteria
The exams will be carried out in-class and/or remotely. Oral exams will be carried out remotely using the Microsoft Teams platform or other online platforms provided by the University. The distance written exams will be carried out using the platform or other platforms provided by the University according to the modalities illustrated on the web site http://www.
Course syllabus
La metodologia della raccolta dati
Le banche dati della letteratura infermieristica internazionale
La definizione del problema e dello scopo di indagine
La stesura della relazione di tirocinio
Prerequisites for admission
All the first year exams have to be passed
Teaching methods
Interactive lesson
In-class brifieng on Pratical Training Guideline
Debriefing in-class/with single student to identify the investigation questions congruent with the problems noticed in the single observational experiences
Debriefing with a single student to evaluate feasibility, correctness and methodology of his/her investigation project
Debriefing with a single student for a feedback on his/her final investigation report
Teaching Resources
Databases accessible from UNIMI digital library
Pratical Training Guideline Data Collection
Pratical Training Guideline Literature review
Question of a epidemiological investigation or a literature review
Assessment methods and Criteria
The Pratical Training Assessment includes a written and an oral test.
The written test is the final report of the Data Collection/ literature review based on the investigation question and methodology outlined in the Data Collection /literature review project.
The oral test is the outline of the final report.
Evaluation of the written test and the oral test must be carried out under the following two Rubric: (Evaluation rubric , Data Collection; Evaluation rubric , literature review).
In order to pass the exam, a minimum score of 22 must be achieved. The matches of the scores with the score system in thirtieth is shown below:
(Scores 22-24 ( Rating in thirtieth (18/30-20/30); Score 25-28 (Rating in thirtieth 21/30-23/30); Score 29-32 (Rating in thirtieth 24/30-26/30);Scores 33-36 (Rating in thirtieth 27/30-30/30).
MED/45 - NURSING - University credits: 14
Practicals - Exercises: 280 hours
Professor: Lusignani Maura