Information management

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The objective of this course is to introduce advanced concepts for information management in modern information systems. The course will also introduce basic data mining techniques.
Expected learning outcomes
The student will have knowledge of transaction management in centralized and distributed relational databases. The student will also be able to design a data warehouse, and to use main data mining techniques for knowledge extraction. The student will know the most relevant characteristics of NoSQL DBMSs and of modern distributed computation paradigms.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
Second semester
Exams (in case of remote exams):
The exam is a written test of 2.00 hours, including open questions and exercises.
All the answers must be inserted into the system, using the writing nd drawing tools available on the platform.
The exam uses platform + SEB and video-conference surveillance using Zoom.
Course syllabus
1. Transaction management: ACID properties, failure management, concurrency control.
2. Distributed databases: fragmentation and allocation, transaction management in distributed scenarios, distributed queries.
3. Data warehousing: ETL, conceptual, logical, and physical modeling
4. Data mining techniques: itemset mining, classification, clustering.
5. NoSQL: data models, distribution models, consistency and ACID properties, distributed computation
Prerequisites for admission
Knowledge of ER model and of the relational data model.
Basic knowledge of SQL.
Teaching methods
Frontal lessons
Teaching Resources
Web site:

Slides and reading lists made available on the course web site.
Assessment methods and Criteria
The exam is a written test of 2.00 hours, including open questions and exercises.
The exam aims at evaluating the comprehension and knowledge of the main concept related to transaction management, data distribution, and data analysis for decision support. The exam also aims at evaluating the ability of using and applying the studied techniques.
The evaluation is expressed on a 1-30 scale.
The results of the exams are available on the Ariel web page of the course.
INF/01 - INFORMATICS - University credits: 6
Lessons: 48 hours